Our mission is to be part of the distribution of creativity through bookmaking and to create an environment where people can express themselves more freely. In order to protect people from the oppression of expression, we aim to be an independent publishing movement, dealing directly with the market and selling our books face to face. We are also involved in planning, design and production.
Research and practice of visual culture / High quality publications and works / Active exchange with independent publications from different cultures


USAGI (U.S.) / Garden City Bookstore(Taipei) / FORESTBOOKS(Suzhou) / BOOK SHOP TRAVELLER(Tokyo) / NOT GUTTER(Tokyo) / NOHO BOOKS(Akita) / IMADOKI BOOKS(Nigata) / BATICA Chiba City Museum(Chiba) / FabCafe Kyoto(Kyoto) / ART Lab OMM/PLANT(Osaka) / Chignitta SPACE(Osaka)