Concept: Tomoyuki Koseko
Illustration: Yafa Koseko
Design: Tomoyuki Koseko
Original Photograph: Earth, Moon, Jupiter (NASA)

The 3rd visualization of Semi-Fiction Project.

About Semi-Fiction Project

For most people, celestial bodies are nearly impossible to observe directly. Tomoyuki defines objects such as these, which can only be experienced second hand as “semi-fiction”. The purpose of this project is to visualize these semi-fictional objects from a new perspective using different mediums such as photography, video, and acrylics.

He brought out the edibleness of photographs from NASA (in the public domain) by altering the color tones. By just changing the perspective, the deliciousness hidden within can be vividly visualized. Now the taste, odor, sound, and texture of these celestial objects can be easily imagined.

When images of semi-fictitious celestial bodies start to overlap with everyday food how will the perception of them change? Every time you stir milk into your coffee may a breathtaking celestial phenomenon appear before you.